Best 50th Birthday Gifts

Choosing unique and appropriate 50th birthday gifts for that special some is a daunting task. Many people who have reached 50 are often hard to impress with gifts; worse they have almost everything. In this scenario, it is usually better to go for 50th birthday gag gifts and 50th birthday gift baskets as suitable 50th birthday gift choices. These two are, however, pretty broad categories and below we recommend some indispensable and unique 50th birthday gift ideas that are bound to awe almost anybody.

Top Rated 50th Birthday Gift

. Personalized items

A good example is personalized golf balls which can be easily decorated with stickers with the particular person’s name or even picture. Better still, you can order the balls right from the retailer with the design of your choice. Also, a personalized birthday wine bottle can make a clever idea for someone who takes their wine seriously. The bottle should ideally be personalized with their name/picture or even both and then packaged into an elegant gift box.50th birthday gifts

Further, a personalized magazine cover as 50th birthday gifts is another excellent idea to give the 50 year old that celebrity feeling. This can be easily crafted through various online services or editing a magazine template on your computer and printing it on smooth and shiny photography paper.

unique 50th birthday gifts

. 50th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

For people who enjoy reading, a “Sex after the 50th birthday jokes” book may be a great bargain. Not necessarily appropriate for all people but would come in handy to put a smile on those who are liberal enough to accept one. The ideas on appropriate jokes book are also endless if you do some brainstorming.

A uniquely labeled T-shirt whereby the label should be something interesting if not funny such as “This is the oldest I have ever been“, “Am not fifty yet” or something like, “I just turned 18 with 32 years’ worth of experience“. For ladies, a teddy bear is a definite great choice among the many 50th birthday gifts available, as could an item such as a menopause good luck doll.

50th birthday gag gifts

Unique 50th Birthday Gifts

A customized key ring and chocolate pizza basket which can be readily obtained from a brand such as Sonia Spencer and in local or online outlets such as Pretty Box Gifts. If possible you can also purchase off the shelf or get custom-made 50th birthday bracelets and other ornaments. These, especially when hand-made in a way that the recipient can tell of the effort that was put into their creation, rank among some of the most unique 50th birthday gifts you can ever get.

 Further, some vintage music albums such as ones by Rolling Stones, the Beatles or any other popular music bands from their earlier days might prove very impressive to some folks. In the same breath, some sentimental history plaques and original newspaper are great gift ideas, for instance, an original newspaper dating exactly 50 years back; to their time of their birth. These kinds of gifts can be obtained from various sources online or printed at some libraries.

50th birthday gift baskets

There is no better way to appreciate someone’s 50th birthday than with a gift that is likely to either remind them of their younger days or make them proud of being 50. It would, therefore, be wise to get to know someone personally or at least their tastes, preferences and likes before you can hit the store to look for those 50th birthday gifts. Take note of the top brands for 50th birthday gifts that you can trust which include Sonia Spencer, Bespoke, Celestron, Zazzle and Over the Hill. At the same time, watch out for counterfeits to avoid disappointment and possible embarrassment. Remember that the age 50 is when a person marks their place on the planet, how they will be remembered and who they will treasure till their last day.